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Expert in the
Investment Market
Счета в долларах

Company OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O., provides consulting services in the international investment market.
Company OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O., provides investment attraction services to finance the implementation of projects, as well as the search for Investors to finance the projects of our Partners.

Expert in the Cryptocurrency Market

Company OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O. - provides a wide range of consulting services for Companies and Private persons, in the International Cryptocurrency Market. 

Company OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O. - conducts regular analysis in the financial market which makes it possible to form the most profitable and promising proposals. 

NFT market

Non-fungible token (NFT), is a unique token - a type of cryptographic token, each instance of which is unique (specific) and cannot be exchanged or replaced with another similar token.

Our Team cooperates with leading marketplaces in the direction of NFT and ensures the placement of works of art on international trading platforms and at international auctions, with a huge audience.

Comprehensive support our partners, carried out on flexible terms, and includes: development and release of NFT token; development and implementation of a sales strategy; placement of assets on international trading platforms and international auctions; legal and expert support, services of financial agents.

Statistical arbitrage (Stat Arb)
Фондовый рынок вниз

In the world of finance, Statistical Arbitrage (or Stat Arb) refers to a group of trading strategies which utilize mean reversion analyses to invest in diverse portfolios of up to thousands of securities for a very short period of time, often only a few seconds but up to multiple days.

OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O., having the status of a broker, in its work in the market, uses the mathematical and computer models developed by the Company. That allows you to achieve very good, both in favorable and in adverse economic and market conditions. 

Investors are paid dividends: 14% - 24% per year of the amount of their Investments.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing revolves around four core areas: connecting with customers, creating value, managing innovations and developing data-driven strategies. It focuses on the role of marketing from the perspective of strategic, top management decisions, and blends state-of-the-art scientific knowledge with practice.

OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O. A company with significant experience in the markets. The company’s team is professionals with excellent communication skills, strong initiative, motivation and the ability to work both independently and as a team.The team of professionals of OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O. is ready to solve the most complex marketing problems.

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 Participation in projects

OFEK Consulting D.O.O., is affileid company of the OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation,  Netherlands, and participates in projects of OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation, as a partner, consultant, agent and executive company in projects of OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation.

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