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Software development


We specialize in software development of various levels of complexity:

- Control systems for technological processes;

- Software products for business process automation;
- Blockchain industry and DTL;
- Fintech and automated consumer settlement systems;
- Creating information repositories;
- Logistics, secure supply chain management;
- Marketplace, P2P trading platforms, escrow accounts;
- Exchanges, margin platforms;
- Bots creation and distribution;

- Development of Meta Universes, services in Meta Universes.

Key industries we specialize in:

- Technological processes and production Energy;
- Energy;

- Housing and utilities.
- Blockchain;
- Fintech;
- M
eta Universes .

Key milestones:

1. Requirements generation.
This is one of the most responsible stages of software product implementation. At this stage the main requirements to the information system under development are formulated. The cost, timing and quality of development depend on how completely the functions and requirements for the future IS are defined.

2. Analytics
At the analytical stage our specialists are collecting information and studying all the necessary documentation, formalizing the requirements for the future software, the descriptions of business processes.

3. Designing
During design stage we study different variants of all program components, estimate labor-intensiveness, results, implementation cost. The result of the software product design stage is a "Technical Project", containing detailed description of the architecture. In accordance with the design, the system will be built during the next stage.

4. Implementation
During the implementation of the project, the results of the design are transformed into a finished software product. Herewith our specialists create a visual standard interface, describe the model of the information system by means of programming language and database management systems, and do the initial testing of the ready product and make the reference documentation.

5. Testing
Testing is a very important and time-consuming stage of the software development process, since it allows you to detect and correct the vast majority of errors made during the programming stage.

6. Implementation
Implementation includes putting the software into operation, pilot operation of the system as a whole and its individual components, and signing of acceptance certificates. This stage also includes training of the customer's system operators and changing their usual workflow in order to use the new program more efficiently.

7. Operation and maintenance
Since the information system is put into operation new requirements arise for it due to the continuous development of business processes and increasing general requirements for software tools. During exploitation we continue working on the next software versions in order to increase productivity, fix detected errors, change report forms, add new functions according to the plan of further system development.

We provide technical support for our software solutions in 24/7 mode.


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