OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O. - provides a wide range of consulting services for Companies and Private persons, in the sphere of financial, commercial, legal, technological, technical, expert activities.​ And also consultations in the sphere of business management, selection of qualified personnel, optimization of expenses and the taxation, conclusion of the Companies from crisis state. The purpose of our services is to help our clients and partners achieve their goals.

International Trade Market

OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O., provided consulting and services to International Trade Market:

  • Export and Import trading transactions;

  • Promotion of goods and services in local and international markets;

  • Promotion and transfer of new and nanotechnology, supply of technological and special equipment;

  • "B2B" transactions;

  • "B2C" transactions.

International Financial Market

OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O., provided consulting and services to International Financial Market:

  • Consultancy and services on, issue, buying, selling, leasing,   banking products and financial instrumets: BG; SBLC; DLC; LC; Bonds.

  • Consultancy and services on asset management.

  • Consultancy and services on participation in  Private Placement Programs (PPP).

  • Consultancy and services on the securities market.

International Investment Market

OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O., provided consulting and services to International Investment Market:

  • Consultations and services to ensure the financing and crediting of projects;

  • Consultations and services to issue a guarantee for the return of received financing;

  • Making business plans for obtaining financing;

  • Search Investors for financing projects of our clients.

  • Preparation and signing of a contract with the Investor, to receive financing for the projects of our Clients.

International Transport Market

OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O., provided consulting and services to International Transport Market:

  •  Multimodal transportation of cargoes;

  • Transit Railway transportation through the territories of:

  • CIS, Baltic, Western and Eastern Europe;

  • Service of cargoes in ports;

  • Freight of sea ships;

  • Transportation and freight forwarding in shipping containers;

  • Transportation and freight forwarding aviation transport;

  • Transportation of goods by road;

  • Transportation and forwarding of oversized cargo.

Crisis management

Crisis management and prevention of insolvency. Being a crisis management professional is a big responsibility. Our job is to protect your clients, helping them be as crisis-free as possible and helping them manage the hard times when everything is on the line. 

It’s challenging, but this task has a solution.

Business Security

Your tranquility at a reasonable and affordable price ! Consulting and services to determine the authenticity of  financial instruments and the reliability of partners - Due Diligence and Financial  Investigation.

Consulting and services to ensure the security and of reality of the transactions in the International markets. 

Resolution of disputes between the partners, the preparation and submission of documents to the court.