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NFT market


Non-fungible token (NFT), is a unique token - a type of cryptographic token, each instance of which is unique (specific) and cannot be exchanged or replaced with another similar token.

Our Team cooperates with leading marketplaces in the direction of NFT and ensures the placement of works of art on international trading platforms and at international auctions, with a huge audience.

Comprehensive support our partners, carried out on flexible terms, and includes: development and release of NFT token; development and implementation of a sales strategy; placement of assets on international trading platforms and international auctions; legal and expert support, services of financial agents.

Placement assets on international trading platforms and auctions is carried out without actually moving objects and transferring property rights until the moment of their sale.

Currently, our team  is developing the following directions in the NFT market:
1) NFT Art: painting, icon painting, sculpture, antiques.
2) NFT Gems: unique natural precious and semi-precious stones; diamonds, emeralds, rubies, topaz, beryl’s, etc. As well as jewelry from them.
3) NFT Real estate: unique real estate.
Our team, plans to develop promising areas in the NFT market:
1) NFT Production & Technology: enterprises, technologies, patents, licenses, franchises.
2) NFT Tour: exclusive travel tours around the world.


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